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Chunga Lhamo

Excerpt from Blue Poppy, a film by Sitar Rose (2009)

In this excerpt from Sitar Rose 2009 film Blue Poppy, we meet Chunga Lhamo. The young woman attended the Tara Rokpa Medical School for Orphans, which Akong Rinpoche established in Yushu, Qinghai Province. She leads us to the Tibetan hospital in Yushu.

As many doctors and pharmacists in Tibet, Chunga Lhamo is concerned about the fact that many species of medicinal herbs become more an more difficult to find, and that cultivation has so far only had limited success. She tells us about he future plan to travel to Scotland for a horticulture training at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens with the aim of trying to find better ways to cultivate medicinal plants in Tibet.

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