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Preparing for Tibetan Medicine Online

Photography by Sylvie Beguin (2012)

In this series of photographs Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya, a prominent senior Tibetan doctor and recognized scholar and teacher, is seen preparing for an online course on Tibetan pulse diagnosis with students from all over the world. The course is part of a three-year online program on Tibetan medicine that covers the basics of Tibetan Medicine, etiology, diagnosis, preventive medicine, nutrition, materia medica, external and internal therapies, and pathology and treatments, as well as an in-person summer workshop with Dr. Arya in Switzerland.

This online course was created in 2010 by the Tibetan Medicine Education Center (Switzerland) to fulfill the demand of international students who could not regularly receive instruction in Milan. Mainly aimed at health professionals and academic researchers, this course gathers students from all continents. The first class of students graduated in December 2013, and two other classes are currently following the course of study.

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